Monday, March 22, 2010

Tim and Carolyn

(Pardon me using the airwaves for a personal missive to neighbors and family).
We went to my first wedding shower out at Bonnerups yesterday. They called it a brunch, but we were all asked to bring tools for the couple to be, and a cute stories from Tim's past to tell. He told carefully edited little stories about Carolyn. I know a shower when I'm in it. Chestermans, Wedges, Bonnerups, Johnsons (from out of town) and us. There was also a note from Mary (Cuden) Somerness. Tim's closest family friends I guess. We had four kinds of exotic quiches, a nice cured ham and other sides. Tim likes his new job at the Minnesota Historical Society in St.Paul - misses being the lighthouse keeper. They are living in a condo in Stillwater which was Tim's grandmother's. Carolyn is going to be working a real job, probably at Target, until school in the fall. She will be studying British Literature (as opposed to English lit), possibly in Edinborough.

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