Friday, March 12, 2010

Want to Buy: Moby Dick or Holy Grail

For you non-bicycle types out there, this is Eddy Merckx, the greatest rider in bicycling history. I do not want to argue the point. I am stating a fact. I have a friend who ate a meal with him, but couldn't talk.
 "It was like looking into the eyes of God."  
(this hangs in my shop)
From Jack Gabus:
I am looking for a mid 70's Colnago BEATER, and I do mean beat. Because it going to a Merckx Repilcant.  I now have the fork and all the other parts.  All I need is the frame...Size:  seat tube can be 54 CtC or 55 CtC.

One man's beater is another man's Holy Grail, or another man's Great White Whale ... or his Rooster.


Margadant said...

Excessive high school hockey is making you paranoid. Even I know who Eddy Merckx is. And I respect him enough to leave him alone if I run across him in a continental cafe. Gaped-mouth wonder is the only knowledgeable form of communication I could have with Mr. Merckx.

Silk Hope said...

Margadant while you are gawking at the god aleast offer to buy the man a "Chimay Red label" Truly the Trappiste beer of cyclists.