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Monday, March 1, 2010

Orcas, Bears and Chimpaneses

Just a quick thought. There are some animals that are too intelligent and too dangerous to be trained for the entertainment of the masses, no matter how much money you can make doing it. The Sea World owners claim they do it for "educational purposes".  Well, so far we have learned that if a whale gets too bored or abused, it will kill us. I've heard the argument that they cannot release orcas because they'll probably die in the wild. So? The issue really is that this is a $2,000,000 stud fish (yeah I know - cetacea), which is helping creating more and more captive killer whales to make more money, not educate anybody..


Silk Hope said...

I guess they busted a chimp in russia for smoking and too much beer drinking... (true story)

Das vi Dania

Gunnar Berg said...

The reason I threw in bears is a couple of weeks ago a rolling skating bear killed his "handler" in one of the eastern blog countries. I guess he was tired of skating.

Mimbres Man said...

I agree Gunnar. The human race is made up of idiots. Its all about $$$$. I've been lucky enough to see a small pod of orcas up close and personal in Puget Sound, to travel with them a bit till they out swam our boat. They are wild animals! BIG wild animals...bigger than our puny boat! They don't belong in captivity. I can learn about whales from books, TV, and the Internet. I don't need to go to Sea World to see one perform tricks like a trained dog. Insulting for the whale and us humans.

reverend dick said...

And plus, Orcas are dicks. See them gang up on a mother and juvenile gray whale only to rip out the tongue of the baby and leave the carcass to sink.

They are jerks.

Anonymous said...

well, I woke up to another missing zebra fish in the fish tank. human values don't carry much weight with other species, i'm afraid . . . maybe they're just doing what they're supposed to do. I agree about keeping animals like that in captivity. Hell, it's sad seeing any animal in captivity. it's humiliating for all.


Gunnar Berg said...

I don't think orcas are dicks. They are just being orcas. I don't think we can impose our morals values on animals.

Anonymous said...

I think we can. Certainly we can in the case of this highly intelligent species, which taergets an infant for the sake of it's delicious tongue...leaving what, 99% of the food value to waste?

Dicks.I won't hang out with them.

Rev. Dick

Gunnar Berg said...

Then wolves, virtually all predators are dicks. In western Minnesota there are huge quantities of the bones of Bison antiquus at the base of a cliff. There are enough so at the turn of the century train loads of the bones were shipped out East for fertilizer. The interesting thing about it is that all the bones are represented except for the rear haunches. Eventually our brothers of the First Nation killed all of them. Tongues or haunches. Again, you can attribute conscious morals to animal if you want to. I don't.