Thursday, June 24, 2010


They're trying to decide whether to mark this bed with a commemorative plaque or retire it completely.


Silk Hope said...

Nice digs where do I sign up?


Silk Hope said...


Legal Counsel:

If your rules section on your blog gets any longer I will have to recommend legal counsel for all that enter into the blogsite. I would not want to have any free speach rights infringed upon. This could be a case for the ACLU.


Margadant said...

It does not go unnoticed that you did not feature the food at this establishment.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Gunnar . . . how bad can it be? boiled wieners and kraut?


Gunnar Berg said...

The walleye patties were from there. In general, ordinary pedestrian food - not bad enough to complain about, not good enough to go back for.

Gunnar Berg said...

It's amazing how many people comment through emails because they say it's too complicated to comment through the blog. Whatever is easier makes me happy.