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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grandma's on Miller Hill

We're back from our vacation, mostly an eating binge with hiking and loving to burn off the calories. I thought I'd take pictures Jonny Hamachi type pictures of every meal, but I got wrapped up in the eating and forgot a lot.

The first time I ever ate at what I believe became Grandma's in Duluth was years ago fishing with my Ol' Man, Don Wayne and Chuck Nelson. The restaurant was a local hangout down on the docks, servicing sailors and warehouse workers. Good food. "Grandma" was supposedly a madame, though I cannot verify this. Over the years the warehouse district disappeared, replaced by Canal Park, comprised of four big hotels and a tourist shops all revolving around a bevy of Grandma's restaurants to handle the growing hungry crowds. The food is still wonderful, but it's a little touristy and takes a long time to get served, so we go the Grandma's up on Miller Hill, which is smaller and more of a local restaurant. (About three miles away and 800 feet higher - for J.G. who says there are no hills in Minnesota) My favorite entrée is the Wild Cajun Chicken. This starts out as a spicy Italian sausage meal, but adds mushrooms, red onions, grilled chicken and substitutes wild rice for the pasta. Then they add enough hot cajun spices to require a dark beer or two to cool it down.

Lorna with mushrooms stuffed with wild rice and cheese. A big bowel of wild cajun chicken. Tastes better than it looks. Maybe my favorite meal in the world ... so far.

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Jonny Hamachi said...

What a wonderful getaway. Out here we consider ourselves Professionals (an all encompassing term for how we live and enjoy life).

I'd say you two are too.