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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Iowegian Calls In

As you may know I have a soft spot for The Rooster. I know where there is a restored Galmozzi frame that is my size. It tempts me periodically. but we can't buy everything. My life is still filled with downed trees. It will cost me a nice bike to deal with it. A really nice bike. This is from Rory Mason, aka Masini. Good luck to him and his boys in the upcoming TdF. It gives me one more team to follow.

"So Ciöcc finally has everything he needs to finish my two old frames. I hope to pick them up next week after getting back from the Tour. Having finally found all the packages sent by me and others, we now have the proper Legnano and Galmozzi decals to finish them up. I say 'proper' loosely, as this is a subject I'll likely receive some grief over once they're built... and I'm calling it now! You see, the thing with collectors is that their discussions rarely get past whether something is "original" or "restored" or "period correct". In my case, I really don't care that much. I'm restoring these babies to do one thing... RIDE 'EM!

That Galmozzi decal with the address would most likely not be found on a bike made in the 50's. Guess what? I don't care - I like it, and it will look great adorning my seat tube! The head tube badge is a repro. Guess what - ALL collectors in Italy tell me that my chances of finding a real one are about nil.

The '47 Legnano would not have chrome on the dropouts, or at least four of the decals that I'm going to place on it. But, it's going to look SO much nicer with them.
The point is, these things lost their resell value to collectors the moment I found them without their original paint. So... Jimmy crack corn! Another point I've learned is that back then, large decals weren't easy to make reliably, so bike graphics weren't the advertising that they are today. Also, they didn't make these bikes knowing that they'd be so desirable sixty years later. Lots of detail has been lost through the years. What crank did Cannondale spec on a 2002 R1000? I bet you can find that answer within five minutes of a Google search. Now - what brakes would you find on a 1952 Roma? Guess what - Legnano most likely ran out and switched to whatever was lying around!
Other things not likely to find for a reasonable price? Jerseys and bottles. So, check out what you CAN find on a trip to Tuscany. Seems l'Eroica has been good for those able to reproduce certain desirables!

OK, off the soapbox now, and off to the Tour!"


Echelon 133 said...

Point of info. The decals from the fifties to the sixties were pretty much the same (See Classic Rendezvous). The decal set you have is from Greg Softley. I scanned and sent my him all the info so that he could do what you have, (I did that about 3 yrs ago for my Galmozzi) Which BTW if all goes well with the new job it will hit the road in about 6 mos.

Now Gunnar!... When are you going to quit yacking about Cinelli's and Kvale's and Call Vlad in Cali and buy that Rooster?


BTW who are we rooting for in the TDF? Lance has become yesterdays news.

Gunnar Berg said...

TdF? I dunno. I've felt the Contador is the stringer rider in cycling for about 4 years now. I don't know about his team. We'll see.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yacking. I simply can't afford it right now. Truly. I'm mustering all my available surplus resources for the Kvale next Fall.

Masini said...

Echelon (Chuck, right?)... So for the 50's - 60's you're talking about the larger Galmozzi decal on the down tube that I keep seeing, right? I had been intending to speak to Angelo G about that since I found no repro's of it and not as many photos (all restorations seem to be using 'your' Australian made stickers).

At the very least, the rooster and wordmarks that I found are for the most part the "original" water transfers, even though I bought 2 sets from Greg as well to fill in some holes.

Thanks for the info.

reverend dick said...

Bring back the collars and the front pockets!