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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Survivalist Responds

Oh Wise one:

Please see attached.  The following items highlighted I espouse to.  Since the shots were across my bow here is where I stand.  As a son of a thirty career (Full Col.) Air Force officer, I moved 20 some odd times in my life and devote Lutheran (if there is such a thing) I consider myself as the following.


Stemming from Swiss and Scandinavian roots I believe in “Rape pillage and rob” first of all, Next being a Military brat I believe in survival of the fittest.  When you move that many times you’d better have your suit case packed at all times and have you S%*@ together.  

As for some of the other things on the list like the Environment I drive a hybrid Honda because at one time , 3 yrs ago I drove a Mercedes Benz and I felt guilty about our boys being in Iran and Afghanistan so I did my part.  Getting off of oil is not just about the green stuff, grass, trees and air.  It is about stopping 700 Bil of green backs walking out of our country each year that is truly a bad thing.   

I could go on and on about the border since I live in California and other items of interest but you don’t want me to get into high on this stuff so I will put a muzzle on it.

Anyway looking forward to starting my new profession selling Elec. Cars.  The Architectural industry is WAAAYYYY to over regulated.  When it takes 3 years to get a 20,000 S F building  to the point of breaking ground you know your in the wrong business.

Neil there you have it at the end of the day call me a Survivalist.  I think it is going to get ugly out there.



Mimbres Man said...

Interesting...I am hearing the same kind of things over and over on my visit this summer...and this is only my first week here!
Mmmmm...makes me wonder about the state of the world and how sustainable it really is. I though my problems were uniquely Venezuelan where the house of cards is starting to crumble (but that could take 50 years or so...if Chavez hangs on as long as Castro).

Echelon 133 said...

Nope, the whole world is a Ponzi scheme right now.

Where are you right now? Silver City?

Mimbres Man said...

Yep...Silver City