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Friday, June 4, 2010

Decision - Thanks All

Thanks to all, particularly Mark, who does build really nice frames himself. At one time Mark had a Kvale hanging on the wall of the basement steps.  He had to pass it on the way down to his shop (Calling it a "shop" doesn't seem quite adaquate.)  He got depressed, because he knew he could never be able to approach that level of workmanship. He had to move it out of the hall because he would stop and look at it, then turn around, go back upstairs and watch television.

The Kvale will be slack, a little tallish if Chris sees fit. Paul neo-retro front and touring canti rear brakes - polished finish. Downtube shifters, older Campy Chorus crankset, small front rack, hammered fenders, brown leather saddle and bar wraps, dérailleurs undetermined. Must be able to handle 700-38s.

It will be painted black with a dark red headtube and seatpost panel ala the Motobecane Grand Jubilé below, except with "Chris Kvale" on the downtube in red rather than gold. Maybe a little darker on the red - blood red? No gold lug lining. Black cable housings.

Someday I'll strip the fenders off my white Kvale and have it resprayed black to match, only with blue trim instead of red. The exorcism of the ghost of Elvis.

I guess the decision has been made. This has obviously been in the back corner of my mind for a long time. I even have some of the components. The Cinelli was a detour, the flashy blonde that makes eyes at you in the checkout line (well, used to) before you take the groceries back to hearth and home.

Picture for color reference only!

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Jonny Hamachi said...

I'm with you fellers.