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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gaelic Football, Etc.

Cable TV can be amazing. There is all of this obscure sports shit. I've watched Gaelic Football. This is a game that must have been invented by the same committee of drunks that came up with cribbage. There is dribbling, kicking and throwing. It seems there are two ways to score and there's a convoluted two tier scoring system. There are rules against some things, but everybody seems to ignore the rules and are so continually penalized. The commentators imply that  refs are a bunch of pussies and the game rolls on.

Then I thought, hell, the Scots have something similar, also obviously influenced by alcohol.

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Silk Hope said...

Me being a member of the College Golf ("drinking")team this is Robin Williams at his finest!

My Spanish professor hated me every Friday when I would check out early for that weeks tournament.



PS: Oh yes I,m Baaack.