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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Congratulations Frankie!

Some years ago we had neighbors that lived close enough that we could hear their music. Frank senior could play blindingly beautiful guitar and the children inherited his genes. Brook became a classical pianist in the Netherlands - you go where the work takes you. Joey was also talented, but life took her on other paths. Little Frankie always wanted to be a garbage man. He would put little plastic buckets of stones on all the neighborhood front steps, then come around with his Radio Flyer and gather the "garbage" from all of us. The high point of his week was garbage pickup day. He would wait on the corner for the garbage truck. They would stop and pick him up and he became a real garbage man for two blocks. Alas, his life plans didn't work out. He became a drummer, working Nashville studio sessions. A few months ago his mother Mary asked me to recommend cigars and a supplier, so she could buy him some good smokes for his wedding. The photo is from the new June issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine.


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Anonymous said...

great photo...heh, look at the ember on the groom's cigar. He was really pulling on that sucker a couple seconds before the shot!
Allan Pollock