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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live For the Journey, Not the Destination

I received this the other day from my favorite almost daughter, Amy who lives in Spain now. I miss her.

"Hola Gunnar! I just got back from my vacation in Holland :) It was truly amazing! Bikes, beautiful gardens and delightfully intellectual people ... right up your ally, no? I couldn't help but think of you guys! Hope this message find you well. oxoxoxoxo"


Silk Hope said...


Is this a European photo, if so what is a chain bike lock doing on that bike?


Gunnar Berg said...

Purportedly taken in Holland. Those Dutch girls are all thieves.

Anonymous said...

all the rental bikes come with two locks. A ring lock for the back wheel, and a chain lock wrapped around the seat post. You have to use both.

Grocery store in Amsterdam: hundreds of bikes outside, no parking lot.

Our way sucks.