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Monday, June 21, 2010

Wooden Canoes

We have a couple of wooden boats. I love them. I took these photos at a boat show at the North House Folk School last week, a simply wonderful institution. You can sign up for everything from timber framing to fabric arts to all manner of boat building. And a hundred other craft classes. At the end of your boat building class you have a new boat to take home. I took as many pics of traditional sailboats and row boats as canoes, but even with just the canoes it's hard to narrow the scope, so I am just posting a few of different types. The first one, the white canvas over cedar, is by Alex Comb of Steward River Boatworks. He gets top billing because I own the first canoe he ever made, 30 years ago. Click and enlarge the pics. Some of them are beautiful.


Silk Hope said...


I am hoping your next set of pics are of Chris Crafts and Gar boats.

Gunnar Berg said...

Na, no Chris Crafts or GarWoods.

We had a fellow here in town, Bob Speltz, that wrote The Real Runabouts, seven volumes. When he was alive he had a wooden boat show here. They came from all over the U.S. with their old power boats. After the show they'd match them off in pairs and race them for kicks. None of your sissy fancy hull shapes, just loud brute force. Quite a show.
I'm trying to get my little Arkansas Traveler runabout wet again. Maybe pics of that someday.