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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Northern Lights

Day two: We left Duluth and headed north (Actually on a map it more east than north, but in my mind it's all north and south.) Just past the Split Rock Lighthouse we stopped at the Northern Lights for a late breakfast. Tim, the one-time lighthouse keeper, doesn't like it because "the owner is an asshole". I'm just passing through, and the asshole lays out a nice breakfast. By this point we're starting to get into the local cuisine which is heavy on wild rice, fruit and berries, and the catch of the day from Superior. Not a bad way to die.

Here we have a mix of miscellaneous for Lorna - a nice fruit soup. And a wild rice quiche, lake trout-wild rice soup and a little piece of grilled walleye for me, all arranged to look like a bizarre bunny. Starting the wine a little early in the day.

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