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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update On Oakwood House For Sale

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a whiff of crime in the air.

The deeper they've dug the darker the dirt is. Now Reid and his sister Debra, who both work at their elderly father's insurance agency, have also been arrested for insurance fraud. (I hope Deb is innocent.)

Mostly, it gives me an excuse to post their mug shots.

- Gunnar, fighting back the petty smalltown Schadenfreude, Berg. 


Anonymous said...

A suitable punishment; Have them put in a yearlong hard labor stint cleaning up your friend's turkey farm. Helping some decent folk rebuild their lives may in some small way atone for the way they wrecked another's.


Rick "Hangin's too good for'em" Moffat

Margadant said...

OUUUU! An even bigger (as in "greater") pile of money is going on the desk. Not to mention what the "poor" office girl is going to have to put up on some other stalwart advocate's desk.

With this development it's clear that the criminal defense bar is winning; my advice to you is to set up a pool on which one rolls on the other one, and how fast.