Friday, June 11, 2010

Talk Among Yourselves

Miss Lorna and I are outta here for a long week. We'll be 10 miles south of Grand Marias overlooking ol' Gitchi Gummi in 1925 vintage Cabin 3. The same cabin where we stayed 40 years ago on our honeymoon. The same cabin where years later, drinking away the afternoon on a sunny ski-less February porch, L.P. slooowly mumbled his alcohol clouded insight, "How come is it that just when ya finally have somethin brilliant ta say ya can't talk no more?".

We'll be eating on the pier of the Angry Trout, throwing fish to the otters and washing down the catch of the day with Superior Brewing Sir Duluth Oatmeal Stout. Or gourmet eating with Pinot Noir two doors down at the Crooked Spoon. Or up the street at Chez Jude. This is a little town (1400 pop) where you can do some serious eating. I noticed out of 16 restaurants reviewed, Andrew Zimmerin's choice, Doxkside Fish Market, ranked 13th. Bizarre Foods Minnesota indeed! 

While I'm gone your topic of discussion will be, "The big one that got away, or bicycles I should have purchased". Or anything else you want to talk about when the teacher is out of the room. 


Anonymous said...

a few years ago, Sachs only had a year wait, prices were reasonable, and I had the money in hand. But when we started talking details, we hit a wall when I said I wanted eyelets. I didn't realize then that he considers such things tres gauche. So I didn't end up getting it. Of course I should've just gone ahead with it, instead of the many nice but not great bikes I bought instead. Many regrets in life.


Anonymous said...

I had a great offer, made in person, from Bill Davidson to grab a touring frame that had been ordered, built, but never the original buyer backed out. Ran the numbers on the frame setup and it would have been puuuurrrrfffect for me. I let it go. Bad move. I also passed up a great deal on a Peter Mooney, offer made personally by the builder himself, and again I passed it up because I have always taken a perverse pride in being able to talk myself out of spending big chunks of cash. This talent always surfaces at the most inopportune times. Like the time in 1980 when I passed on a very nice '64 Corvette offered to me for 4K, because having $ in the bank felt better, and I could "always pick up a 'Vette..." Yeah...then 'Vette prices took off. 'Nuff said. You live and learn......sometimes.

Regardless, my Chris Chance continues to soldier on. Best 900 bucks I ever spent.


Rick "Pain and Money" Moffat

Gunnar Berg said...

So good so far!