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Friday, June 11, 2010

Letters, We Get Letters

Gabus sends me emails, usually thoughtful, sometimes cockamamie, mostly entertaining. Why waste 'em. Especially when they have a useful product endorsement. You got a suggestion? Send it in, with optional pictures of sales ladies.

Hey I saw your post to Taylor about Kerosene.  Here is the best lube in the world period and it is right in your back yard. 

I attached Beth Vander Zee’s pic for this sales part of the discussion.  Three years ago at RAGBRAI and her band of blondes were riding a 5 person tandem handing hawking this stuff  for free. 

Anyway she saw me on the side of the road and I happened to have a frozen pedal bearing (that doesn’t happen to often).  She digs the SoyClean out of her backpack and says try this.  I took the cap off the pedal bearing and squirted a bunch of this stuff in there and 10 secs later Voila’ it spun like a babies bottom. 

This stuff is the best and is 100% biodegradable, and you get a stunning blond sales lady to boot.  I don’t use anything else period.

Anyway there you have it.

Steak anyone…Go Lakers. (This makes sense if you read the previous four emails.)



Echelon 133 said...

Thank you.... I think?

Gunnar Berg said...

You deny "cockamamie"? Or "thoughtful"?