Realism: the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Been a Hard Day's Night in Oakwood

Pictures above of my yard. We're okay, but it was a scary night.


Silk Hope said...

Glad you are in one piece. Looks like nothing else is.

That was a nasty one, did the siren go off or was this a midnight suprise attack?


Gunnar Berg said...

We knew it was coming. It hit just after dark. Pretty localized damage so it may have been a spinner. We had relatives coming from the Mpls airport that couldn't get into Oakwood because of fallen trees. I didn't realize how bad the neighborhood got hammered until morning. Minor home damage - some holes punched in roofs, etc.

It was uplifting. Sunday morning a crew of about 6 or 8 younger Oakwooders armed with chainsaws and energy spent the day clearing the road and cutting up fallen limbs ands smaller trees. I realize my limits and mostly watched. Because of the size of my downed trees I'm waiting for a professional. We just got electricity back last night. Ever resourceful, I hung out Sunday with The Judge and Sally who had some ground coffee, a gas stove and more importantly, a French press. I was able to survive until the Blue Moon beer came out later in the day around the woodpiles and the fire ring after the heroes had laid down the saws. Real heroes, not someone just doing what they're paid to do.