Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Z-Man and MNFST DSTNY Make Minnesota

A note from Taylor Zimmerman.

"Made it to Minnesota. I believe the last time I wrote to you was in Great Falls, MT. In the last 7 days we have come over 1000 miles. The two that I'm with aren't too interesting in logging double centuries, but the pace has been stout enough for me. Eastern MT was a trip. I would not hesitate to guess that the days in those rolling hills we logged more vert than a day climbing over 2 mountain passes. Two of those days the man with the computer reported an average over 19 mp, something I could never do over 7 hours on my own. Impressive scenery, wildly desolate. MNFST DSTNY has been functioning perfectly. The leather saddle is clutch, black stained shorts is more of a trophy than a price to pay.  Soaking the old lady's drivetrain in gas seems to keep everything shifting smooth and my hands smelling like a shop. Been practicing ... I can ride her backwards and even wheelie down the block, fully loaded...point of pride. Don't think I'll be coming through AL, the Mississippi River Valley is too tempting. MSP tommorow, plans are gray after that, the way I like it."
 (He prolly meant Minnesota River Valley - it being more west to east, and wider and visually spectacular)

I notice in Taylor's "two-hand over-the-shoulder while riding a bike" group shot, that while one of his riding companions is maintaining his illusion of TdF preparedness, the other has slipped into a more Tayloresque style. I particularly like Taylor's riding glasses, which look like he paid $4.99. $6.99 tops. The downside of one-way emailing: I want to scream, "Not gasoline! Find some kerosene!  When we were working over MNFST DSTNY I never took into account a full loaded touring bike doing a wheelie. I maybe should have come up with a beefier wheel. Jeez, imagine the spoke stresses! Lesson number 12: Always let your wrench know what situations you may be encountering.


Echelon 133 said...


With those pics you'ed better get on you tube and ring up the Grateful Dead and Truckin.

Later Dude,


Echelon 133 said...

Oh yeah I forgot, if he is headed east isn't that reverse MNFST DSTNY?


Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah, but YNTSD TSFNM doesn't look right.

Echelon 133 said...

Check that he looks like Dennis Hopper. The you tube should be Born to be Wild.

Mimbres Man said...


Taylor said...

Kerosene it is gunnar, never make the mistake again. Considered the direction of the trip with respect to the name, more of the emphasis is to be put on the rape and thievery from innocents and not so much direction of transcontinental travel. Other names considered: cig-Arette, TransAm. The ladder i am developing a full scheme and mantra for complete with TransAm eagle decals, an actual burt reynolds mustache fastened to the headtube, cledus' mug embroidered on the seat (sit on his face every ride), and a CB radio...very convenient for picking physical battles with truckers who refuse to give an inch to a homo on a bike.

Gunnar Berg said...

You take care out there.

Gunnar Berg said...

There's enough oil in kerosene to lube your chain and dérailleurs. Messy, but effective.