Friday, June 25, 2010

Tour Divide Update :-(

Kent Peterson is well back, recently missing a turn and taking a 4 hour detour. He is nursing a "bruised rib" and pain in his right hand from a fall. A bad hand in a bike race is serious.

About 25 of the 48 starters have abandoned the race.

The latest abandonment was Dave Blumenthal, who died in a hospital from injuries suffered in a bad accident. It leaves me without words, other than I hope he led a full life and peace to his family.

Maybe this race is too extreme. Riders become over-fatigued and suffer from impaired judgement, concentration and co-ordination. Bad things happen.

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Mimbres Man said...

Very tragic about David. Will be seeing Matthew Lee tomorrow as he rolls through town. Will probably pick him up at Antelope Wells if he needs the help.