Thursday, June 3, 2010

Los Lonely Boys

Jack has requested something by Los Lobos to take him back to east L.A. I was gonna, just to pacify him ... then I thought, "Aw, screw him, I'll give him Los Lonely Boys with a touch of Carlos instead.

Fellow bicyclist and former neighbor Chip Carter was an "instrument technician", that is, he was a roadie. He used to do six month stints touring with bands and then when his head was about to explode, he'd retreat back to Oakwood, his wife Donna and son Mojo. He must have been good at his trade because he seemed to work when he wanted for the hot bands of his choice, Counting Crows, etc. For a while he was with Korn. It was oppressive, the audience was angry, the road crew was angry, the band all hated each other. He dropped out and joined Melissa Etheridge. He said after Korn it was mellow heaven, a group of low key lesbian ladies traveling with their children, a tutor, a vegetarian chef and a yoga guru. Chip said Los Lonely Boys was the hardest working band he ever worked for. If there was an open date they'd book a local gym or VFW club along the way and stop and play for a few bucks - hard on the road team. Chip and Donna moved to Madison last year and now he's working in a music store and giving guitar lessons. This one is for the Chipster and his white Merckx.  Oh, and for East L.A. Jack too.


Silk Hope said...

Hola Chico!

Carlos Santana works for me!

Hey How about the entire Abraxas album.

Oye' como va!

Silk Hope said...


With La Bamba and your offline email to me do we have a hanker'in to drift down to the Surf Ballroom to here a few forgotten tunes?


Chris said...

I read your blog primarily in Google Reader on my iPhone. I don't often make comments on your posts since blogs are not optimized out of the box for viewing on a mobile device (page too wide, slow loading, etc.,.

Ever thought about implementing a mobile version? It's a simple plug-in for WordPress blogs but haven't done it on blogs.

Maybe this will help:

Doohickie said...

Interesting musical selections lately, since my working theory is that Willie Nelson + Santana = Los Lonely Boys.

Gunnar Berg said...

All they need is another 30 years learning, like Willie and Carlos have done. Love those musics that grow.