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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jeanne Arland Peterson

Mother of half of the jazz musicians in the Twin Cities, died yesterday at age of 91. She was an extremely talented lady who chose not to live on the road, but stayed home and raised a family of musicians.

I enjoy watching her old gnarled hands still caressing the keys.

Link To Lorna


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cjell Hotdog Pose

From Mountain Flyer Magazine today. Nice. Our lad is doing really well. But even if the name is marginally bogus, they could have at least spelled it right - Cjell.
Tour Divide north bounder, Cjel Money, stops to strike a pose at sunset in the Great Divide Basin. Cjel is currently the first placed American, and on pace to set a new singlespeed record on his own hand made bike.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tour Divide Day 3

From Facebook - commenting on the southbound group. The two leaders are setting a wicked pace. 450 miles of top and down single track in two days is amazing, but unsustainable. I fear they will pay the price even if they are in fantastic condition.
Tour DivideDay 3: The two leaders have slowed a bit. Their blistering pace of 450 miles in two days has taken it's toll. The front of the chase group is within 5 hours now. More big climbs today over Richmond Peak and Huckleberry Pass.

Father's Day 2013

Addy and Abby came down to see us yesterday bringing token gifts. It's wonderful to know your child grown into an adult. I love her very much.

Father's Day. My father died soon after he turned 65. He never knew what hit him - never saw it coming. I'm 68 years old right now. I think about that more often now. We're all on borrowed time. Make the world better, plant a tree today.

The Old Man

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tour Divide 2013

They're in day two or three, I've already lost track. Cjell is running it from the south again. This year he's riding his own built singlespeed. Since they started he has put about 75 miles on his nearest northbound rider, which doesn't really tell us much I guess. That's abut it. Here's a link to follow.  http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide13

If I come across any more info I'll post it.

Be well and take care

No-Brainer Cowboy Cadillac

Yesterday I was in Lanesboro mowing the lawn at our cottage. While I was there I took these photos. This car? truck?... This vehicle sits off the alley behind Gordy and Val's house down the hill from us.  He put it together from an old Cadillac flower car - a pickup designed to transport funeral flowers. "A Cadillac El Camino", as Gordy puts it.

This was Gordon's winter project. He put it together in a large, unheated space. "The paint isn't real good. I painted it with a brush ya know, and it was so cold the paint got real stiff." When I asked him how he decided on the country western motif. "I had been saving those horns for years and when I saw the flower car it was a no-brainer". Gordon has a way of seeing the obvious, and seems puzzled that other's cannot see that vision.

I asked Gordy what his plans for the car were.  " I'm going to drive it to Texas, run it in a parade, then sell it." A man of vision.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Growlery Window No. 3

Yesterday I finished off the third window in the Growlery. It doesn't open. It was sized around an existing framed storm window I had. I like the look. It looks like a hole in the wall, a portal into nature rather a framed window.

The old rimlock is a leftover from a door off a dilapidated shed. It was covered with layers of barn red and white lead paint. Looks pretty good now. A little rusty. The catch is a modern reproduction, probably from our friends in China. I scraped some of the paint off and laid it as a target where I piss in the garden. Aged it pretty well. I also have a set of very heavy hinges, which have not been urinated on. Yet.  

I think someday I may need to make a new Growlery door. I've been making sketches.