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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Fiddly Brake Stuff

 I am slowly re-assembling my vintage Ron Cooper mixte with parts I had on hand. 

I found nice espresso lace-on leather to replace the brown fabric I just wrapped. Pretty much a match for the paint color. English leather should be here in mid to late January. 

The past couple of days it was brake cables. The first small issue was that there was a way to adjust the front brake cable with the traditional headtube brake hanger, but no way to adjust the rear brake cable length. Digging through the miscellaneous (junk) drawers I came up with a brake ferrule thingy that I could modify. I had to drill it through and then tap threads to match a threaded cable stop. This may sound simple, but I longer have a drill press and I am ... huh, sight impaired. Half blind. So I felt a little smug when I pulled it off. 

Enough for today. 
- Gunnar