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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Quick Kvale Shot

Merry Christmas. Here is a picture of my Chris Kvale with the recent Ely Rodriguez made bags and the Cody Davis bicycle stand.

And a Happy New Year.

We are gathering and organizing our clothing and optics to hit the road for the Lower Rio Grands Valley on January 1, 2017 for a couple of months. We have to get back in early March because Lorna is going to Costa Rica with birder yoga women friends. Categories and sub-categories: friends, women, yoginis, birders.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Bicycle Stand

I have a couple of bicycles displayed at our weekend home. "Displayed" is a bit of a reach. One is a literal wall-hanger, another one or two are just leaning against the wall. Most bicycle stands are functional, but pretty utilitarian in appearance, so when I saw a wooden one on Etsy it caught my eye. It didn't seem very practical or functional, but it got me thinking so I contacted Cody Davis at Woody's Fenders who has made a couple of sets of fenders for me. My initial thought was to just put a couple of legs on a a fender. Cody made a couple of prototypes, which revealed some issues. 

The stand I had seen on the internet just had rear legs. Cody found that no matter where he put a single set of legs the stand was unstable. The stand above is the first really functional stand he came up with.

While it functions quite well I didn't care for the downhill stance of the bike, so I moved the legs two inches fore and aft which dropped the rear wheel down to ground level. Maybe the rear legs could be shortened a little, but that was not a quick option.

If you are interested in a stand you contact Cody at Woody's Fenders.

Be safe, Gunnar