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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

View From the Lanesboro Deck (& Grady)

Nothin' spectacular, just pleasant.

My primary view, the Hideaway contemplative labyrinth. 

Down the hill to the northeast. Looks suspiciously like a Growlery to me. I suspect it was originally a well house for the Hanson house. The Hansons moved from their family home, and Maria and her children lived there for a while. Now there is a fellow named Jamal, his wife Heather(?) and two extreme cute preschoolers. I love to listen to little children laughing and giggling.

North trees

South trees

Keith and Bea's house across to the southwest. 

Beer, cigar, shades, tunes. Continued suffering.

Our backyard.

View to the front toward Jack's place hiding behind the maple.
Jack is older: a senior (and I am 70). He has lived in the triplex since he retired from Honeywell in '96. The building is one of those inward looking places so we don't see much of Jack. The garage door opens, the red BMW leaves, the door opens, the BMW returns, the door closes. Sunday evening Jack and I went down to the Village Hall to eat and drink out on the deck under that huge maple tree. A wonderful evening.

The Hillcrest Hideaway
If you are interested, the Hideway is about to be listed for sale. Marv and Carol are wonderful neighbors and I will hate to see them move. Marv keeps on eye on our place when we aren't there and Carol brings us cookies when we are. Time moves on, but for goodness sake, when I am working in the yard, sweating in the summer heat, Marv will come over carrying a couple of cold Goose Island IPAs and tell me it is break time. The man brings his own beer!

This is Grady. He stopped by on Monday to talk, have lunch, and more importantly, to pick the McLean bicycle which he purchased from me a month or two ago. He seemed quite pleased.