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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lanesboro Backyard

.... after the first snow. The dawning sun highlights a shadow snake, the result of the work of my moles. I don't mind; I do not maintain a green carpet lawn anyway, though I do try to keep the dirt covered with vegetation. The sharp-eyed will notice a small white flag in the lower right and a yellow flag in top center. The yellow is one of a series marking the natural gas line. the white my sewer line. As a general rule, nothing good can come from flags marking underground lines and it cannot bode well for the pocketbook.

A couple of weeks ago while hauling some brush away I noticed damp earth, even a small trickle of water down in the alley where the manhole is. As it hadn't rained recently, I assumed I had a broken sewer pipe as a couple of my neighbors recently had. I called the plumber and he confirmed my suspicions, with an outside chance it was the watermain. They were scheduled to dig up and replace my sewer line yesterday - my very loooong sewer line. I was hoping to get by for $1000? $2000? Then early in the morning I got a call from Barb Wilford, the plumber's wife. "It turned out it was a broken watermain. It won't cost you anything."  Except my share of next year's village taxes. :-)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Window Dressing

I am a little hesitant to post these pictures of my upgrades to the Growlery window coverings. I was even chastised for replacing the original windows, which had the panes literally falling out of the rotten frames. Time moves on. I beg your forgiveness. ;-)

Daniel In the Lion's Den

Religion. Sarah Palin says the Pope is too liberal. Wait until she meets Jesus. Enough religion for today.

Cheap Wine

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning ;-)

More food. This morning we went down to the Pastry Shoppe mid-morning. The heathens tend to eat early during the church services. Lorna and I split an omelet. We continue our suffering lifestyle, but were lucky to get out before the Christians came down from Church Hill.

Lorna is making a winter jacket for Addy and Abby's short-haired dog Parker. Our pug Bud is only half his size, but is he doing his best to model the project during construction.

More bicycle content from the Lanesboro basement:  Lorna's Lanesboro cuiser - a vintage Georgena Terry outfitted with a high-rise stem, triple ring crankset and a Tubus Fly rack. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Oakwood Morning

Phone shots through windows at Oakwood. Gotta remember that the phone will register window screens. Gonna be cold tonight. I guess the party is over for this year.

Shots At the Cottage

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random Growlery Shots

I have been continuing to piddle around upgrading the Growlery. I have also acquired one of those new- fangled camera/phones. Here's how the Growlery looks today. Still a lot of work to do. There seems to be lot going on, though keep in mind, the building interior is only 8 x 11 feet and I have to jam a lot in it.

Eventually I plan beadboard doors on the bottom two shelves and tool hanging pegs on either side of the alcove. In the right corner you can see one of the in-wall speakers. There's also a subwoofer under the desk. Music.

From left to right:  I need to build a wooden case for the loose drawers which were originally made by the late Joe Kovenig. They really aren't anything special, just a connection for me. Eventually the under-drawers will be replaced by one single full-length drawer. The gray box in the center is a refrigerator. Beer. The tool box on the right rests on a castered cabinet.

What can I say?  A bunch of books and some sentimental junk.

And pictures. And a dozen pickup trucks parading around the room.
"Good people drink good beer."