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Friday, August 22, 2008

Water Feature

I finally got around to introducing a water feature to the lower garden. Some people may think it's just a cow tank, but I like to think it's a "water feature". I thought about using a pool liner or plastic tank, but the zinc look seems right for a Midwest cottage garden. Originally I was going to paint it a dull verdigris, but neighbor Sally convinced me to leave it naked. She is one of my arbitrators on things involving good taste, or in my class, a lack there of. It'll dull with time and it's a finish we tend to associate with water. I tried to keep the green plants all in the same color range to keep it simple and picked through the rock pile to find rocks that more or less matched the concrete block wall, or at least didn't clash. There are enough things going on visually without introducing color to the mess. After some plants take root in the wall and rocks I think it'll be fine. It's a simply thing really, but it gives me a pleasure looking at it.

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