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Monday, August 26, 2013

Growlery "Art" and Benches

The red bird is tin. Made in China, $10. The rocks that it's wired to, free.

The flamingo was originally sticking out of a dumpster at the city landfill. I drove past, but it was screaming my name and I went back to save it from the smasher. It was a really offensive pink plastic - not the classic pepto bismol flamingo pink, but a harsh bright pink. Bad enough that it was destined from day one for the trash. I painted it rust brown, but Lorna grumbled about that. I pulled the steel legs off and stuck it on a bamboo stake. When I repainted the little cafe table and chairs in the third photo I had paint left over. So, I have a pale green flamingo. Which my garden art critic still doesn't like.

(Note new yard light)


Tom Sanders said...

I think the original color of the Flamingo might have been Drunk Tank Pink.92

Gunnar Berg said...

Saw that on TV the other night. This was MUCH worse.

Old Toad said...

What that red bird needs is a beautiful toad on the ground to admire.

Gunnar Berg said...

I'll look for one.

Johann Rissik said...

That flamingo can't be pink as it has never eaten the necessary crustaceans. Dirty off white would be closest ;)