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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Raking Leaves Into the Wind

We are separated from our neighbors to the east by the narrow alley that passes for Oakwood Drive. A couple of days ago I looked from my kitchen window and saw Doug Herr's 20 year-old number two son from his first marriage, leaning on a rake, watching his four-year old half-brother riding a green toy tractor on the driveway. The past few days have been windier that all hell and the Bur Oak leaves are just burying Oakwood. The young man would occasionally stab listlessly at the shrinking leaf pile, raking a few leaves into the wind and watch them blow back past him toward the park to the east. Mostly he just stood quietly with his rake and looked at the ground. 

There has been a lot of company at the Herr's the past couple of weeks - parents, friends and relatives, Doug's two boys from the first marriage in town to watch over their three young half-siblings. A lot of family coming and going.

From yesterday's A.L. Tribune: 
Douglas R. Herr, 47, of Albert Lea, died at his home surrounded by his family today, Oct. 25, 2013.



troutbirder said...

Interesting image. I get that raking into the wind more frequently these days...:)

George A said...

A tough way to go. RIP.