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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Man of Vision: Growlery 2014

I realize nobody cares about the Growlery except me...and Christy from next door. He comes over a couple of times a week to help me sit, pontificate and smoke cigars. Often he looks around and mumbles things like, "This place is just (bleeping) marvelous." He should know; he once owned it. I ended up with the building because Christy and Judy were adding an addition on their house and the storage shed was in the way. It wasn't much. It had a dirt floor, rotten windows and cobbled together shelving. One of his carpenters likened to something that looked like a kid's treehouse. He obviously was not a man of vision.

The first year I worked on squaring it up, pulling in the splayed corners and getting it onto a foundation and putting a floor in. The picture below is year two - insulation and electricity (dropcord through the window). 

The pictures below are as of today. I have enough recycled cedar to side the exterior and I really would like a small garden storage shed off the lake side and a cupola with a wind vane, etc, etc.  I would estimate I'm only about half done with the project.

Be well, enjoy the ride, G.


Mimbres Man said...

Way cool!

Unknown said...

When can you build one for me in my back yard?

Gunnar Berg said...

Marv, I think you like the concept of "sitting"; it is the actual execution you have difficulties with. ;-)

Masini said...

Your only mistake is in the first line... I am absolutely fascinated with the Growlery, want to construct one of my own someday down the line, and would enjoy nothing but having a sit in there one day to admire what you've done with my old rooster!