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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bird Canyon?

I previously posted some photos of this feature. It all started with a visit this Spring to the Hvoslef WMA east of Preston, Minnesota when we came upon a spring running into the South Branch of the Root River. It was beautiful. The sound was wonderful. The thought percolated in my mind as I was building the new steps to the deck. I decided I could build a spring in my garden in Oakwood for my pleasure and to attract more birds the garden. Birds. I imagined birds playing in the waterfall, splashing in the pool. I built the pool with various levels for the different sized birds.

And so 100+ hours later I have a spring spilling into a pool .... a pool which the birds pretty much ignore. They seem to prefer splashing in the 1/4" deep rivulet in the mini canyon.

Be well, - Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Seems as if you've an ideal place for birds. From what you've written, I take it they DO come to your garden, but prefer the rivulet to the waterfalls? Interestingly, I've found that if I run my water feature at a lower flow, more birds come to it.