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Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Night In Texas

Leaving tomorrow morning, we decided to go to Weslaco to the Blue Onion for our last meal in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. As we were going to be in Weslaco anyway we decided to go parrot hunting, first at the Valley Nature Center where there are a couple of nesting boxes strapped to Palms. There were a couple of Red-crowned Parrots sitting on the top of the boxes. We were losing light fast so I grabbed a couple of shots fast - really pushing my camera range. 

As we were visiting with four of our Alamo neighbors that we met there by chance, we heard parrot cries from the west. The Brit couple hustled off following the sound on foot, while a mother/daughter team from Arizona, (and the Berg's from Minnesota) took to their vehicles - slowly driving, stopping to listen, driving, eventually following a couple of parrots headed west. At the corner of West 3rd and Barclay we found them, maybe two or three dozen Red-crowns (assumed) high in tall, heavily foliaged trees, screaming their red-crowned heads off. We never saw the Brits again.

Eventually the parrot squawking ebbed and it was too dark to see the birds so we drove on to the Blue Onion, our last stop for shrimp flatbread and Devil's Backbone IPA. 

shrimp, pesto, parmesan, tomato
shrimp, tomato paste, feta, tomato

Gonna miss all that shrimp - Gunnar

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