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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Colors and brushes

We are repurposing a couple of bedrooms, converting them to a library/reading room and a separate sewing and Ukrainian egg painting room for Lorna. Sorting through things to save, recycle, or throw , this showed up - an 8" x 10" x 6" tool box, watercolor painting tools. There are a handful of red sable "pocket brushes", a telescoping water cup, watercolors, pencils, paper, and cotton rag watercolor blocks to smear color around on, and a tripod to bolt onto the box.

I used to paint a little. I am not terribly creative, but I am gifted with visual memory - which, as with most things, has faded some over time. I maybe need to paint a little soon before I lose it completely.                 A folding stool, a bottle of water, and I'm all set. 

-  Gunnar  B.


Anonymous said...

You are being too modest! You are an artist. I would love to see your paintings once again!!


Gunnar Berg said...


Redwing said...

What a beautiful, classic set.