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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Photography Thoughts and Lessons:

 I am losing the race with my aging body.
As my eyesight continues to decline I am still working on my photography. A blind amateur photographer?   Oh, what the hell. 

Facebook is fine, but posting there is ephemeral, here today, gone tomorrow. This posting is for that handful of pre-Facebook folks who periodically monitor this blog, but probably more for myself as a milestone marker.

When taking photos of small flitty birds there are really two options:

1. Be very, very good.
2. Be very, very close.

I am old, half-blind, with failing memory. No. 2 is really my only option. I would add a No. 3 - hang the best optics you can afford on front of your camera body.

At one time I carried a long variable-zoom lens. Every year it got heavier. I still own that lens for tripod situations, and also a close-up lens for bugs and butterflies, but for everyday shooting I use an old tech Nikon D7500 DSLR body with a NIKKOR 300mm f/4 prime lens.
I suppose eventually I could replace that with a modern, gee-whiz mirrorless camera, but I love it. Does a man put down his loyal dog simply because it is old? 

These are all fall plumage birds shot from my garden bench in the past few days.

Your loyal dog,


mike w. said...

Your photos are stunning! Thanks for posting them.

Jonny Hamachi said...
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Jonny Hamachi said...

Beautiful work GB!

You still have an eye.
(between the two of them) (wait, is that a third eye?)

Keep shooting, thinking, posting!

George A said...

Gunnar: I don't know one bird from another but I enjoy your posts and pix.

Jan Hurst said...

Neil, Your pictures are always beautiful! I check in periodically, and show John your artistry. Keep them coming! Jan and John H.