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Sunday, January 13, 2008

01/13/08 Letter from Addy

Hello from Munnar, Kerala! I have spent the past week on a crazy whirlwind tour experiencing more pampering, and beautiful sites than I ever have in my life. The program that I am enrolled in has eight students, all girls, whom I enjoy very much. The program is ran by Dr. Sunny Luke a professor of molecular biology. He has worked extensively with stem cell research and is fairly well known throughout the area. Dr. Luke is cousin's with the minister of tourism in Kerala, an absolutely beautiful state in Southern India, know as "God's own country". As a result of Dr. Luke's relation we are being personally guided around Kerala by the minister of tourism, Laloo. It is a surreal experience. We stay in the best hotels, and eat the best food availble.

I came to India to take a break from materialism and now find that I am surrounded by it more than ever. This somewhat disgusts me but there are obviously many benefits. I have not had access to the internet so I have been unable to keep a blog, but will, and will send the link to it when I am able to.

India is so different than anything I have ever experience: the air smells different, the colors are more vibrant, and the people are just fascinating. Not to mention the landscape is breath taking ...

I will being staying at Pondicherry University. Which is basically in the middle of a wildlife area full of palm trees. Pondicherry is a beach town and seems like a very laid back peaceful place. I am excited to be able to call it home for the next few months.

My tour through Kerala has been absolutely breath taking. I am currently staying in the Eastern Ghats about 5000 ft. about sea level. I am surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and spice gardens. The tea plantations cover the mountain sides and look similar to english fields except even more beautiful. Two days ago we were on the coast in Kerala bobbing up and down in the waves of the Arabian sea watching the sunset. The day before we took a tour of the backwaters of Kerala: a water highway that is mentioned in the top ten things to see before you die. It was fascinating.

I wish I could tell more but unfortunately I need to eat lunch at another fancy restraunt. Life is tough... I hope all is well in your lives.
I miss you much and think about you often.
Much love-


Unknown said...

Ooh, flashback. When in my mid-20s I visited Jordan to scope out a cultural program for the group with whom I was working. I was hosted by the wife of King Hussein's political adviser. So of course I was shown the best, even the "best" Bedouin tribe, and was treated like royalty. Much different from living in Cairo one summer on my own.... which everyone compared to Calcutta. Will Addy visit there?

Gunnar Berg said...

I doubt it. She is about 1000 miles to the south. If she does it would be in a post school adventure trip.