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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Colnago Townbike

This is an '82 Colnago Super with "incorrect" graphics and paint colors. It was originally black with yellow graphics. When I had it resprayed, I had it painted with the yellow headtube and the metallic charcoal, the closest I could come to the color of raw steel. The decals are close, but the wrong year. The purests would have a fit, but this was bike-boom bike, not an early 70's Mexico. Originally it was a standard issue racing bike. It has evolved, with internal brake routing (if I choose to use a rear brake) and the shifter braze-ons removed. Our streets are leftovers from an earlier Paris-Roubaix, so I have mounted practical tires. Some of the bikier-than-thou hipsters find riding fixed-gear a religious experience. I'm not a religious person, but it certainly scared the hell out of me. I much prefer a freewheel and brake. The beast is really light and rides like a dream. Over the years I've put a ton of miles on it. I may put a chainguard on it. Gotta be damned few Colnagos with chainguards. Some of the stuff:

Modern Campagnolo Record pista crankset
Phil Wood titanium bottom bracket
White freewheel
TA track pedals with titanium toe clips
Brooks Swallow saddle
Silca pump - standard issue except paint
Nitto stem and bars with elkhide covering
Early '80s Dura Ace front brake and lever


reverend dick said...

I completely appreciate your sensibilities with regard to bike spec. That is, your bikes are elegant and smart. But, those are not Big Tires. 28mm at most? That just looks big cuz they're crammed in that racy frame. Big doesn't start until 35mm, brother.

Gunnar Berg said...

Brother Dick,

Panaracer Pasela 700 X 35's. Big.

Gunnar Berg said...

I also have a 6-speed freewheel, a Dura Ace RD and a barcon made by filing and marrying a Dura Ace shifter mechanism to a Rivendell barcon housing. In case I get old. I takes about 15 minutes to convert the whole thing, though I've only done it once. I had the parts and just thought I'd try it.

reverend dick said...

I stand corrected.

And one upped! You should come out here to the coast and ride that thing around. We can find some places you'll need that conversion well before you get old...

Gunnar Berg said...

mmkqhBrother Dick,
Keep in mind that I'm already fat and will be 63 in two weeks. My legs are long gone.

The Midwest is not all a billiard table. There are steep hills, but of course they're generally short. Usually you can just get up on the pedals and pump, and get to the top of the hill before you're completely gassed, ya know, with slobber running down your chin and snot from your nose. Ain't it fun?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gunnar,
You look different now than when I used to baby sit for you.
I haven't had a chance to read everything I want to read on your Blog, but later when I am not at work, I will. I am very interested in bicycles, have been a rider since age 3. Currently own a 24 year old Bianci racer and a Cannondale racing bike that is less than a year old. Will email you fotos soon.
I have written a book, it's called 'The Old Maid Gets Married.' I'm wondering if you and Lorna would like to read it. Let me know, I can forward it to you on the internet. Let me know where you would like me to send it if you're interested.
More soon, best love to you and your family. (One of my cats is named Adena...)
XOXOXOXOOX judijudijudi jjjinthesky@yahoo.com