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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bikes, Beer and Smoked Meats

On Wednesday we went over to the 'Boro and I had my first bike ride since my surgery. I rode my white Chris Kvale for the first time in a while. It was exhilarating. I had forgotten what a glorious bicycle it is to ride. I'm certain my weight loss also contributed to my feeling of flight. A year ago I put a Galli rear derailleur on it - only 'cause it's anodized a pimp blue color. The only downside to this derailleur is that it won't swing far enough inboard to catch the big cog on the derailleur. I suppose I could find a spacer to kick the freewheel out a little. It never makes any difference except climbing up Church Hill in Lanesboro to get back to the cottage. Don't know who I'm kidding; I couldn't make that hill no matter what my gearing was.

Yesterday we went from Lanesboro to Minneapolis to shuttle some furniture and celebrate my daughter's 28th birthday. We talked, ate (and drank beer) at the Northbound Smokehouse brewpub. Beer, wild rice, smoked fish and meats - that's about as Upper Midwest as it gets. We ate inside because it was chilly, but it was still really good eating, and it didn't break ol' dad's bank. Two thumbs up. Thanks to everyone.

Here's shot of the Northbound bike rack. All steel bikes with horizontal top tubes - no carbon, no titanium, no aluminum. Steel rules. At least in conservative Minneapolis. ;-)

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