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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th (3rd)

Lorna's family and Addy and Abby are coming down from the Twin Cities this afternoon. Summer food on the deck, fireworks, etc.

Yesterday morning I had a physical. The results were really good. I have lost 50 pounds in the past year.  Right now I'm 6'- 1+" and weigh 205. I would still like to lose another 20, but it's not exactly melting away. More importantly, my blood pressure is 118/74 which is pretty good for a 68 year old man.

I had good intentions of really cleaning up the garden in the afternoon, but The Judge stopped by and invited me to help him deal with his excess supply of craft beer. After an hour or two in his gazebo working on the beer problem I went back down to the Growlery. 

I was about to fire a cigar when Bracker stopped by on his bike (no potential DWIs) and just happened to have four beers in his pack. So we spent an hour or more sampling his home-brewed Irish red ale and an Ambrosia hopped ale. Both very nice. 

As Bracker was getting ready to get on his bike and wobble back home, The Lighthouse Keeper arrived packing a noticeable thirst. Another hour or two slipped away - it was dark, Lorna was back from yoga and we went up the house. 

I didn't get any weeds pulled and I missed two meals, but I don't think my calorie intake suffered for the day. I wonder why those pounds aren't falling off?


Johann Rissik said...

...and you're looking good for it too!

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks man.

Silk Hope said...

Perfect Day!