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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Faked Galmozzi?

This bicycle was listed a few weeks ago on eBay as a vintage Galmozzi with original finish. It had a Buy-it-Now, or maybe it was a Starting bid, of around $1900, wheels not included, plus the shipping costs from Italy. The first thing that first flagged it was the color, quite a harsh red. Old Galmozzis are rare, original paint almost unheard of, but the color was unlike any Galmozzi I've seen. The Galmozzi lean toward a tertiary range. This was very "unroosterish". A close look at the pictures indicated a lack of filing, finishing and overall refinement. The style and lugs were all the right manufacturer, but there were a number of minor builders in the Milan area that used those same lugs. This one just didn't feel right. 

There were a few email exchanges with people who are far more expert than I am. Everyone agreed it was old, yet seemed "wrong". Then James Aldo Ross drove the final nail in the coffin. He noticed that in places the decals were applied over the paint chips. Was a "creative" soul attempting to turn a $100 frame into a $1900 frame? It's even possible that it has changed hands after the decals were applied and the seller thinks it is a Galmozzi.

I lost track of the auction so I don't know the result. Maybe it was pulled. I don't really know why I'm even posting this other than it was curious and a reminder not to believe everything that is posted on eBay.

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