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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wood and Stone

Work by people who were born in Minnesota and had the good sense to leave. ;-)

George Morrison was a Chippewa who grew up on Lake Superior north of Grand Marais, Minnesota. He was skilled enough that it was recognized and he received a number of scholarships to study at the Minneapolis Art School, New York and Paris. He went on to teach art and design at various eastern colleges, particularly the Rhode Island School of Design, returning to Minnesota to teach at the U of M before retiring back home in Grand Marais. His stylized totems and landscape paintings are simply marvelous, but this is about wood. These "landscapes" are quite large, maybe 3' x  8' or 10'.

Because of the generosity of Tom Sanders, I have a book on the stone work of Lew French. Mr. French was born and began his stone work in southeast Minnesota before moving to New England (follow the money?). I only recently realized at how similar some of Morrison's work was to French's wonderful stone work. Below is a detail of a large fireplace.

Continued good life - G.

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