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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Santa Ana Pintail Lake

The weather cleared a little late morning so we jumped in the truck and headed five miles south to Santa Ana NWR. Of course the refuge is officially closed with the shut-down, but the gates are open and the volunteers have really stepped up. We went directly to Pintail Lake where we had seen a large number of waterfowl the other day. The water level is lower this year and there are shallows and mud flats which the birds seem to really love. It was overcast and the low light made photography a little challenging, but the number of birds more than made up for it. It was great! 

White Pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills, Showy Egret, Common Egret (the larger) Blacknecked Stilt, Avocets, 

Lorna walked down to the Rio Grande, and declared it to be SAFE. After she returned we hiked over to Cattail Lake on the way back to the truck. Cattail has more reeds and cattails and is more duck friendly. There was a nice mix, but I am partial to Pintails. The drakes were in prime plumage and were anxious to show it to the females. If they were impressed they were being coy.

Be well - Gunnar

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Unknown said...

Please tell Lorna to "Be Safe". There are thousands of illegal birders trying to cross the border to poach our sightings. There are plans underway to install a fog generator on the southern border to prevent them from adding to their illegal life lists. Bird on!