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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Lorna and Gunnar's 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Hanson sisters: Linda, Anita and Lorna

The bride and attendants, Pam and Cheryl

Mother and daughter

Daughter Addy and her wife Nicole Berg 💗

Patti and Signe
(wearing an attendant's dress)

The fire attender, bro-in-law John Kes
Add, and Emily with daughter Leta

50 or 60 folks braved cold wind and snow. Thank you all. It was a good time.

50 years of getting up every morning, just living our lives and trying not to do anything hurtful. And forgiving each other when we fail.

- Gunnar


mike w. said...

Happy Anniversary, Lorna and Gunnar!!

All the best to you and your family!

Sherry Schmidt said...

Congratulations Lorna and Gunnar!!!

Sherry and I celebrated our 50th last year!

Best regards,

Gunnar Berg said...

Thanks Chuck. Best to you both.