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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

My Journal: For Tom Sanders

What I did today and why I don't keep a journal.

I ate half a banana and drank one cup of coffee for breakfast. Then we drove across the causeway to South Padre Island. We walked the boardwalk at "The Birding Center", aka 'sewage treatment plant'. It releases treated freshwater into the hyper-saline Laguna Madre. This attracts various waders, shorebirds and waterfowl - and viewers thereof. Mostly we talked to friends ... or strangers if they were wearing binoculars or were kids.  I also shot a few photographs as we moseyed along.

We stopped to eat Chipote Shrimp at Yummies on the way home.

Back here at Long Island Village, listening to the MSNBC political rantings, I drank another cup of coffee as I sorted and cropped the photos I took today.

Now I am going to post the photos, drink a decent mosaic IPA and likely take a nap.


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