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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Foggy SPI Morning

We were out bright and early. Actually it was pea-soup and early.
"A misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather".

We saw a couple of Clapper Rails, but the fog was thick enough that any photos would have just faded into gray mist. As the morning lightened, the photos were more acceptable - not tack sharp, the lighting was dim but interesting and I got my first Least Bittern of the year.

And that Little Blue Heron still looks like a ghost - like the ghost of egrets past. 

Cooper's Hawk
Little Blue Heron (first year)
Black-crowned Night-heron
Least Bittern

"And how do you do and how do you do and how do you do again? "

- Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Nice to see a Least Bittern.