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Friday, March 13, 2020

Heron/Egret Eyes and Motorcycles

Our friends from Nelson, B.C. have understandably cancelled our trip to Arizona. We have also. (Maybe not?)

Life is in flux. Unraveling. Wheels off the cart. Things gone amuck. 

I went for a long solitary bird walk this morning. The path seems a little clearer now. So I took photos of bird eyes and glimpses of a Sora. When life gives you get a chance to take a Sora photo you have to take it.

This is a first year Little Blue Heron. He isn't even a little blue. But he will be next year. Herons and Egrets are pretty straight-forward I.D.s. They are not like gulls or sparrows, but there are a number of white species. There are Snowy Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Common Egrets, White Morph Reddish Egrets and first year Little Blue Herons. All white, but different bill and leg color, size and carriage. After you have seen a few you can I.D. them at 100 yards. Using one eye. 

As I finished downloading the above photos, Charlie McPherson texted from Padre Island Brewing. We went to join him. (duh) After we finished an IPA and split a piece of keylime, we went out back to look over Markus Haggenmiller's "new" 1966 BMW. Sweet. Purrs like a kitten. A very large k├Ątzchen.

How long have I known Mark? I knew him when he had hair and I had two eyes.
- Gunnar

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