"He bellowed, 'Who are we?' We all waited for the answer. Then he whispered, 'We are our stories.' "

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mark Trail

I was sitting at the counter in Nancy's Cafe this morning drinking coffee, eating a late breakfast (one egg over-easy, links and hashbrowns - no toast), and reading the newspaper. The horror of this one jumped out at me.
Mark Trail is really straight-forward. Ol' Mark lives in a black and white world (except on Sundays). Mark Trail doesn't have any gray moral issues. Good guys are very good and bad guys, and when they are bad, they are very, very bad. These Bad Guys all tend to look like Trail himself, except for hair color and a propensity for long sideburns. They are his evil twins, with nicknames like "Butch" and "Lefty" and "Blackie".

Blackie? There hasn't been a Blackie outside of Lost Forest since Boston Blackie shaved off his pencil-thin mustache (an allusion to a long past Private Eye).

Using a puppy as alligator bait? Now that's a BAD MAN - a man to be dealt by likes of Boston Blackie not by some Mark Pussyfoot Trail.
Sorry for the rambling digressions, but if you were busy, you wouldn't be here anyway.


Old Toad said...

Bad dude! They usually use the biggest of toads instead of puppies to attract alligators (that's why all of my obese old relatives have disappeared from the planet).

Is it a bad day when a Mark Trail "comic" horrifies a late breakfast at Nancy's? At least it provides good fodder for a rambling blogger.

reverend dick said...

mmmmmmm, tasty tasty puppies.