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Saturday, November 21, 2009

McLean Redux, Redux, Redux

No more pics? So I lied. I "found" some Cinelli toe clips. Also, I stuck domed Indian head nickels in the bar ends. Close up photography makes one see the lint and fuzz around old Iron Tail, and the fact that the bar ends should have had the saw marks buffed out a little. Eh? If Cino Cinelli thought they should be shiny, he'd have made them that way.


Jonny Hamachi said...

What's with the Pug Valentino?

Gunnar Berg said...

He's Bud, the brains of team. He comes up with the ideas and I type them,on account he ain't got no fingers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bike! The grey on grey color scheme is especially nice. Is that a nitto seatpost?

Gunnar Berg said...

Good eye. It's an older Nitto Jaguar (Frog). Good quality with a nice setback. I keep pricing 27.2 Campy SRs and they seem too expensive. Maybe some day.

Jim Crux said...

Keep lying. The McLean is worth seeing anytime.It is the perfect expression in metal of the racing bike. Sadly,its creator left us much too soon.