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Friday, September 16, 2011

Above All, a Good Roof (and Good Beer)

There has been a roofing crew here for the past week. The house is not that large but it's a roofers nightmare of angles, peaks and valleys with a couple sections of flat roof just to keep them from getting complacent. Yesterday after they knocked off for the day, the uber-roofer (and general contractor) John Rust knocked on my door for a promised round of hoppy beer to celebrate the completion. It was actually a day premature but it was still a good excuse to sit around, drink beer and talk. Rumors of good beer brought The Judge over, so I filled the table with half dozen bottles (and one can) of different beers and a bunch of glasses for comparison tasting. The winner, Surly Furious, getting a slight nod over the very similar IPA Sierra Torpedo - very similar! I also liked the Sam Adams Imperial Stout, but the other two heathens have destroyed their taste buds so they need enough hops to blow the top of their heads off or they are not satisfied. 

A couple of lads finishing off The Growlery roof.


Silk Hope said...

where is the satelite dish?

Gunnar Berg said...

Wi-Fi. My router in the house has a lot of bang.

Silk Hope said...

Was this built w/o a permit?

Gunnar Berg said...

Which time? It's been moved at least four times that I know of. .........who am I kidding, it probably didn't have a permit any of those times. I do know that it's location is in violation of code. Construction? Built like a brick shit-house.

Silk Hope said...

Good no permit. At least the city slobs didn't take you for some exorbitant fee.

Now for the good stuff. What graphics will on the front of the august structure? For starters maybe a Griffen above the door?