"He bellowed, 'Who are we?' We all waited for the answer. Then he whispered, 'We are our stories.' "

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ruth Ann: September 4th, 1988

Independent School District 131 - a two room school, three grades to a classroom. Nine of us started out together in 1951. By the time we left the little school in '57 we were down to seven.

Ruth Ann DeRaad, Desk 1, Row 2 was with us through graduation and beyond. She was a sweet kid who seemed driven to live her life at a hellish pace. Eventually it killed her. She was 43 years old when she died in a car accident that took four lives - speeding over gravel roads through the black night with no headlights. Blind thrill running one last time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, did not know that about Ruth Ann.
Could that be me - second row from left second from back in front of Kenny Nelson? Not sure

Mary Ellen

Gunnar Berg said...

Shirley Jacobson.

Jon said...

Wow...I wish I had known her.

George A said...

It is always sad to lose a friend at an early age. The modern equivalent of driving fast with the lights off is texting while driving. Each generation finds its own temptress. The commonalities lie in the outcome which is unwaveringly tragic.