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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Northern Parula - 09/08/2017

The weather front giveth and the weather front taketh away. Three days ago it took away most of our Fall travelers. Yesterday it gave back even more. Recently someone told me that the adults and first year birds migrate at different times. I suspect we are seeing some of that phenomenon now as it seems there are more adult birds now. 72 and still learning. This was probably one one of the biggest single days we have ever had. 

Lorna filled her camera SIM card and worked hard on a second one. I had slightly more discipline, but I still took a lot of photos. Even after sorting and deleting, there are too many to just dump and run, so I am going to break it up a little. First the Northern Parula. Lorna caught a female, but somehow I missed that while I was shooting the male. This is a lot of similar photos, but it a colorful little bird and I have been smitten with it for years - always a treat to spot one. As flashy as it is in Fall this is a toned down version of it's Spring breeding plumage.

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