Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Bear Lake is a classic shallow prairie pothole and when the ice went out it exposed large numbers of winter kill rough fish. This morning there were barber shop reports of dozens, "... there was at least a hundred Eagles!"

When Lorna and I arrived in low light and mist early this afternoon there were a few in loose family groups. But alas, not dozens.Bald Eagles on the north shore of Bear Lake 12 miles south of Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minnesota.

First bird post of the new season.

- Gunnar


B.J. and JoLynn Ondo said...

Great shot of the Bald Eagle, we have lot's of Golden Eagles here in So. CO. but it's very rare to see a Bald Eagle here!

Gunnar Berg said...

Bald Eagles are relatively common. They nest on the lake we live on (saw one fly over the tree tops as I lay in bed this morning). Golden Eagles very rare, with possible breeding pairs in the Bluff Country of S.E. Minnesota.